SAP is the worlds most popular ERP software.

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SAP Material Management

SAP MM module is part of the logistics area. This is where most of the master data is configured.


The underlying technical engine that makes the SAP software run is called the BASIS. BASIS administration may include the maintenance of the applications, the database, operating system, firewall and security, enhancements and corrections etc.

SAP Plant Maintenance

Depending on the industry sector companies may go with break-down maintenance or preventative-maintenance or both. Plant Maintenance is crucial to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operations of an Enterprise.

SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling

SAP was started in 1972 by 5 Programmers who were intrigued by the similarities they saw while making business management software for 100s of businesses. The idea was to come up with a agile software which will perform all of the required business operations with a bit of customization. This allowed businesses to scale their software needs according to  their size and processing needs. SAP gained tremendous popularity during the next 3 decades and became the world's number-one ERP software with more than 95% saturation among the fortune companies and thousand of implementations in the small to midsize companies.

SAP centric companies are now seeking resources who are knowledgeable, proficient and SME in respective business process. You can join this training program to become a configuration consultant. And as a configuration consultant you will be able to read and understand a professionally drawn business blue print and with the help of a good team you will be able to execute the blue print as well. Join today with the confidence that in a matter of short few months you will become a SAP Configuration Consultant.

SAP Human Capital Management

It is often said that two resources run an Enterprise, money and people. The Human Capital Management module is where the human resources are managed. It is such a complicated process to manage the Human Resources that this module is subdivided into many smaller modules.